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  April, 2018  

KCMS E-Newsletter of the Kane County Medical Society
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In this issue:

  • KCMS Featured Members
  • Kane County Medical Managers May luncheon 
  • News from ISMS - Update on Resolution A100

KCMS Featured Member

The Kane County Medical Society physician members are making a difference in medicine. 

Click here and visit our website to see our featured member for next month. 

If you'd like to be next month's featured physician click here.

Kane County Medical Manager News

Spice It Up! 9 Red Hot Ingredients to Collect More Money in Your Office

Join us for our next KCMM manager's meeting and luncheon. We welcome Tony Muscato with Creditors' Discount & Audit Company. The program is based on a book of the same name which helps to train office personnel to do a better job of collecting money at point of service. All groups and private practices are vulnerable to low collection consequences. Make this meeting a priorityfor your practice.

Where: Oscar Swan Country Inn, 1800 W. State St. Geneva, IL 

Cost: No cost to members. $30/ non-member

Register online or call 630-584-6129

RSVP to Paula at paula@kcmsdocs.org or call 630-584-6129.

News from ISMS 

Update on Resolution A100

On Saturday, April 21st, the House of Delegates voted to pass an amended A100 resolution. This resolution allows ISMS leadership to explore new ways to efficiently and effectively complete required business while abandoning formalities and holdovers from a bygone era regarding the actual HOD meeting. This will be a three-year pilot program. It also proposed changes that were recommended through the Membership Sales Initiative (led by SPM Marketing and Communications) which was implemented in 2016-2017.

At a time where the ISMS is not sustaining its membership numbers and it will be out of money as of 2022, there will an effort for cost and society restructuring.

·         HOD meeting modernization.

·         Changes in the ISMS nominating, election and board structure.

·         Elimination of the linked membership requirement of the counties with the state society. Counties would become a region with more than one county consisting of a specific (yet unnamed and uncreated region) as of this writing.

There is so much involved in this resolution so please see the actual Report A100 at https://www.isms.org/hod.

Check out the MARKETPLACE section on the KCMS website for 

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