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 "May you live in interesting times". Very clearly we do.

 We have the great privilege to be physicians and often care for others in their hour of greatest need. We   should take great pride and professional satisfaction in our ability to help others. We are very fortunate to   be members of one of the most respected and trusted professions in America. These truths have not   changed in many years. Yet, there are many forces seemingly out of our control that could negatively   change the nature of the sacred patient-physician relationship and our autonomy as physicians. Ill-   conceived health insurance company rules, governmental regulations and legal challenges threaten to   undermine that relationship.

While change is inevitable, only by being part of organized medicine do we have a chance to help direct change in a positive way. A steady decline in membership has affected all of organized medicine and it is time to reverse this trend. Whether we are in a solo private practice or a member of a large employed medical group, you can be part of that change. The Kane County Medical Society (and the Illinois State Medical Society) provide an opportunity for us to engage as professionals on support our efforts to influence decisions locally and downstate that impact our patients. Your support is needed in order for us to continue to remain united in the face of change. 

We must all hang together in these interesting time. 

John Davine, MD


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