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President's Message

Dear Members, 

Membership? Now a days it's difficult for many organizations to sustain an active membership. Are people busier than they once were?Is more expected of their time? Or could it be that there are more places to spend our time and money and more distractions and diversions in our day that keep us from staying focused? It's hard to know what is causing the downturn in membership involvement in organizations across the board, but one thing is certain, organizations such as the Kane County Medical Society and the Illinois State Medical Society rely on active membership in order to carry out our mission. Membership growth and stability is challenging, but worth our time and effort.  

One thing I know is certain, physicians are stronger when united. The Kane County Medical Society (KCMS) along with the Illinois State Medical Society (ISMS) unifies local physicians of all specialties and practice settings and provides them with valuable tools that not only engage physicians in positive settings but supports them in their practices. ISMS is the only organized medicine group that advocates for doctors practicing medicine in Illinois. KCMS provides the means for which every physician in the county can speak to the issues at the grass-roots level.

KCMS encourages the participation of every physician in the county. While membership in your organized medicine group is not required, it is strongly encouraged. Strong advocacy and valuable physician benefits can only be maintained for the good of the profession if everyone does their part. If you are a Kane County physician, and are not yet a member or your membership has lapsed you can apply for membership by filling out the KCMS Physician Application.


Andrew Ward, MD

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