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Dear Members, 

Challenges? What doctor hasn't overcome challenges in their career. Medical school, residency, and then we make it into practice. Challenging years for sure. Hours of dedication that it takes to achieve our goals and then we practice and maintain a business, a profession, and often a family. It is a lot but we persevere to meet our goals. Our challenges don't define us, how we meet those challenges does. 

As members of the Kane County Medical Society we are facing challenges in organized medicine as well. The steady decline of membership has all organized medicine groups in jeopardy and KCMS is not spared this unfortunate reality. Don't get me wrong, we are still strong and are represented by strong leadership, but our rank and file members are declining and we need to face this challenge head on and do what we can to bolster membership or risk the possibility that we will no longer have a local organization that represents physicians and speaks on our behalf.

Believe it or not, this challenge is not insurmountable and it's quite easy to remedy. If we each do our part by remaining connected and inviting a colleague to become a member we can double in size. How easy is that? Most of us do complicated surgeries or diagnose mysterious illnesses, and yet inviting someone to a meeting is a challenge for most of us. If you are proud of the Kane County Medical Society as I am and want to see it sustained, do your part. Get involved. Invite a colleague. A simple diagnosis and simple treatment for a very real challenge. 


Brad Epstein, KCMS President

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